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Farming Equipment of The Eon :iconikaristardragon:Ikaristardragon 0 0 Ohh! What does this button do? :iconikaristardragon:Ikaristardragon 1 0 finished :iconikaristardragon:Ikaristardragon 0 0
This Night
Ever have one of those nights where the world falls away and you are left with the realizations that you have nothing to cling to?
Or, when the only sounds you hear your own misery and loneliness screaming out at you?
Tonight is that night....
Ever have the moment where you are left sitting alone in crowded room? All you can do is sit there, look around and fade away?
Or, you finally see the cracks in own your mask as it falls and shatters when it hits the pavement?
This is that moment.....
What is a person to do when this happens?
Retreat? Cower away? Surrender to the emotions of failure, self-pity, and sadness?
Or, are we to pull ourselves hearts, souls, and minds together and fight back?
But how does one back when they are faced with their own inner demons, shadows, and emotions?
You cannot fight own emotions no matter how much you wish you didnt feel that way. It is impossible.
This night is that night....
This is the night where you decide whether you should stand your ground or f
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Some Odd Birthday Advice
My great-grandfather used to tell me, "Don't chase after Bananas  because you'll only end up with a book in your head." I never quite understood his advice until one Mardi Gras, I was gardening with my best friend Amy. All of a sudden, we found an underground tunnel! It was happy and spooky sounds came from deep within. Amy saw something interesting inside, jumped in, and I never saw her again. Great-granddaddy was right!
:iconikaristardragon:Ikaristardragon 4 0
The Twins - Chaos Theories
The Twins
They said they would balance each other.
They threw each other out of sync.
That balance would never happen.
They chose one wield blades; the other magic
She dropped the books for the sword
He kept the books she dropped.
They trained them in both. Equally, in hopes of a balance
She became the Berserker. He became a Grand Wizard.
He could kill without a touch. She preferred a hands- on method.
They labeled a threat and an asset to the country.
Together, they were untouchable.
They were happy with that status.
They had all they needed from life.
Until one day the King ruled them a hazard.
He demanded their death.
He ordered their execution.
So their village cast them out.
She ranted as he ravaged their farms.
He seethed as she sank their ships
Brother and sister, together and alone
They set off to find adventure.
They met danger their first night out
Weapons drawn, spells readied
They fought against an army of two hundred
They fought as an army of two.
They fought if they we
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It was one of those types of night that should have been busy but all dead quiet. The pouring rain that flooded the streets made no sound. I found it odd that I couldn't hear anything but the reason why was lost to me. I had lost everything that should have been to me in a flash of light. He said that it was just a kiss, but his eyes said it was something more. So did her eyes. She knew what she was doing. I hate myself for letting them get to me.
As I walk these empty streets alone, I feel no chill in the air, rain, nor any loneliness. I am completely numb. My feet carried me a path I have taken many times. They take me the swings of a nearby park. I sit down on one of the sits and gently kicked off. It seems like an eternity passed when I felt a hand push my shoulder.
"Thanks for the push. I don't seem to have the energy to get any higher than that."
"Not surprising for someone in your state," A man spoke in deep voice.
  "Either you're psychic or I looked that depress
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A Flash of Fiction
Flash Fiction Challenge
Criteria: At least one character, a setting, a conflict, and the resolution. Must be 300 words or less
Start time: 9:54am
End time: 12:14pm
Elapsed time: 2hr 20mins
Final Word Count: 283
The coppery smell of blood floated through the air. Ice blue eyes fell to the edge of her sword. It's still clean.
   "Did you really want to relive your master's final moments so badly?" A menacing laugh called from behind.
   "No, I came back to this temple not for revenge nor walk the same path as he did,"  Diana spun around. "I came to finish what Master Adrian started."
   "Words mean nothing on the battlefield! Let your sword sing of your purpose!"
   "My blade has done nothing for me but sing of your demise.  What a beautiful waste for this to be our finale."
   "So you realize that this is the end for you!"
   "Fool! Didn't you ever wonder why I chose No
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Theme 8 Computer
Theme #8 – Computer
Anime Used: Witch Hunter Robin
I do not own the characters or the themes. I am just having fun. No money is being made from this work of fiction.
The office was filled the constantly sounds of coffee cups clinking, printers humming, and keys clicking. The soft noises harmonized with the muffled rock music of Michael's headphones into white noise of a quiet day. Amon, not having anything else to do presently, sat down at his desk to some work. His station was next to the resident hacker for practical reasons only. Sakaki had wanted to trade but Amon declined stating that he would get any work done and end up playing online with Michael.
        Amon noticed that the area was recently cleaned. No candy wrappers or chip bags litter either station. Amon hit the on button the monitor but nothing happened. He checked the plug and the cables. All were securely in place. So he tried again. Still nothing. Amon was about to ask Mic
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muro roses :iconikaristardragon:Ikaristardragon 1 1 Ocean fashion doll :iconikaristardragon:Ikaristardragon 0 0
Told you once before
Told You Once Before
By: IkariStarDragon
Did you ever listen to me?
My admissions to an endless love
Fell upon deaf ears.
I told you once before
I love you.
I fought against the demons and naysayers
They spoke of my stupidity and your ignorance.
Did you want them to win instead?
I told you once before
That I will stand by your side against all odds.
I turned a blind eye to all your indiscretions.
Yet, I still saw the light of true love.
Can't you see it, too?
Now, I sit here alone
My bleeding soul lies before you.
Why won't you help me one more time?
I told you once before…but,..
Now I have no voice left,
Nor a caring soul.
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Me :iconikaristardragon:Ikaristardragon 0 0 Field of dreams :iconikaristardragon:Ikaristardragon 0 0
Can you capture Time?
None know a cure  
Of the sickness of Time
Youth, a fading memory
Old age, nothing more than the acknowledgment of death
Universal enemy to man and beast
And calculating, Time shall win all wars.
Never resting
Never stopping
Over confident in ability, Man shall fall to Her superiority
Time will only giggle then sigh
Sadness hangs in the air for moment as in
Observance of the fallen
Drowning in a sea of white silk
Our minds become prey to memories of past
New and old, current or irrelevant
Time returns us with a smile and
Tear. Does she cry for me
Truthfully, no, she cries for her own pity.
Eagerly wanting her death
Maybe, she longs to be capture, to
Pass on to the next stage...
To feel the sweet release of death
Inciting new sensations of what lies beyond
These ties that bind us to this realm.
Now, go back and read the first letter of each sentence, and you will know the answer.
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Lifestream of college student :iconikaristardragon:Ikaristardragon 1 0

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RWBY Weapon generator

[my real name] 's weapon will be a tonfa combined with a pump-action shotgun .

That weapon is so perfect for me!!!
I had 


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